Jacob Cox

by Hailey from Anchorage

"I saw a boy under water and he wasn't moving and I thought he was just playing so I went under the water and watched him a little bit longer and then I pulled him up,"

Jacob Cox is also my hero because he is only 9 years old and saved another boy from drowning at H2Oasis in Anchorage. He was there on a field trip. H2Oasis's big pool gets really crowded and I don't know how Jacob even saw this other boy or how he could pick the boy up and bring him to the top of the water by himself. It is amazing.

Jacob said in his interview that he saw the boy under the water and thought he was playing. But when he went to check, he saw the boy wasn't playing and he pulled him up while his friends got the lifeguards. He was only 9 and he saved someone's life!

I think this story shows that even kids can be heroes when they're needed and that's why Jacob is one of my heroes.

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