Jim Dine

by Maddie from Westerville

Jim Dine was born on June 16th 1935, Cincinnati, Ohio. His real name is James. He had another nickname as a kid; instead of Jim they called him Jimmy.

Jim Dine was in a family of four. Jim Dine’s Mother's name was Eunice. Jim's dad's name was Stanley. They are Jewish immigrants. His brother’s name is Tom.

Jim Dine did art even as a kid! He took art classes, and had chores in his father and grandpa’s stores. He went to art museums as a child too.

Jim Dine had a pretty good life. (In my opinion.) Jim Dine married Nancy Minto in 1957. They had five children, three sons, two daughters. They now have twelve grandchildren!

There are two reasons I picked Jim Dine; he was an artist, and a hero to the art world! Jim Dine was always an artist in his childhood. In his later life he was too. He must really love art, he always thought of being an artist. As an artist he made sculptures, he painted, and did performance art too.

Jim Dine did lots of things in his life. He went to art museums, he took art classes. Jim Dine also did a degree in university, and went to New York to do art too! In my opinion he was really into art.

Jim Dine has many great accomplishments but some stood out a lot to me. Twenty eight national galleries have his artwork, which I think is pretty impressive. In 1984 Jim Dine looked back at all his work in an exhibition. In 1n 1991 Jim Dine takes a look at a cat and an ape and draws his own version.

In Jim Dine’s time many things were going on in the world. In 1957 it was the starting of the space age. Also in 1955 Rosa Parks refused to sit on the back of the bus and in 1960 John F. Kennedy became president.

(Jim Dine does a Whole lot of stuff!) In 1966 Jim Dine moves to England. Jim Dines partner makes a movie about him, which I think is really cool. I mean wouldn’t it be cool if your partner made a movie about you? Jim Dine did a lot to the art world; he pushed the boundaries of art. He was also a part of the pop art movement.

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