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Joey Graceffa

by Alysse Ohanian from San Diego

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"It hit me: I could help others by being honest with who I am." ("Scoop"). Therefore if you're honest to yourself you can help others. It helps them be more confident with their self. "Joey Graceffa, is 24 years old. Graceffa began uploading funny clips to YouTube in 2007,eventually attracting nearly 5 million people. Despite posting daily vlogs, he also posts gaming videos" (Scoop). "Joey Graceffa started his main channel in Oct 25, 2009. Started his WSP channel Jun 8, 2007. He started his gaming channel in Jul 23, 2012".(LOCAL WOLVES). A hero must possess a good sense of humor and they also must be brave. A good sense of humor means when someone or something will make you laugh. Being brave means someone that's strong, someone that has been through a lot and keeps on going. Joey Graceffa's exhibition of bravery and a good sense of humor makes him an inspirational hero.

Joey Graceffa shows bravery by standing up for what he believes and he's also strong when his mom hurts him. For example, Joey is brave by making a video and talking about his life. He's brave in his video because he had a really bad incident with his mom. What happened is where she had been drinking and took some pills, making her act different. It got so bad Joey had to call the police and ambulance on his mom. He says " It hurts, no one should ever go through that."(HEARTBREAK!). He then adds "It's going to take me a long time to trust my mom again. This has happened so many times but this was the worst one." (HEARTBREAK!). Joey is brave because he didn't need to tell youtube about something really traumatic. But he did. Seeing him cry does make his fans cry, but he's informing us that life isn't always perfect. Another example of Joey being brave, is by informing people how calling other people names can be scarring. "Being called gay as an insult had left me emotionally scarred. And although I knew I would probably never speak to any of those kids again in my life, I still felt that I had to stand my ground against them. When it came right down to it, I just didn't want to be gay. And part of me was frustrated that just because I acted feminine, everyone automatically assumed I was gay. Sure, it was true, but I didn't want to feed into a stereotype just because I was acting in a way that came naturally to me." (In Real Life). This quote is about what he's against. He's against bullying, stereotyping , and just being rude. You shouldn't call someone gay as a joke or to be rude. They were born that way. And it hurts there feelings. All of the quotes prove how a true hero is brave. Just like Joey you need to just talk about something that is hurting you. Even if it maybe in your private life.


Joey Graceffa has a good sense of humor because he always cracks jokes even if he's crying. Also because he wants other people to laugh so he makes funny jokes. An example of Joey being funny is when someone doesn't try hard to make someone laugh, they just do. There isn't just one part in the video that's funny. There are many little parts where he's talking about a haircut and then just randomly says "I saw my reflection and it scared me so much." (HEARTBREAK!). This quote is about how Joey just likes to add small funny things in instead of trying to make it funny. It makes the videos better and easier to follow. He's also saying that he likes his hair but isn't used to it so short that's why it scared him. Another example when Joey is funny, is just his reactions. Also his laugh, once he starts laughing he doesn't stop. One of his funny videos is a Try Not to Laugh. His laugh makes me automatically laugh.  His reactions are so hilarious. Then, Joey's boyfriend Daniel his reaction to is so funny. He just starts randomly talking. This quote is about how someone's reaction or even laugh can make someone's day better. Joey's laugh is so contagious. It makes you randomly burst out laughing. All of the quotes are showing a true hero that is funny. A funny hero helps if someone is having a bad day, it makes that person smile.

Joey Graceffa is a hero because he shows bravery and a good sense of humor. Joey Graceffa is Brave because he's been though a lot of tough times and he's still strong. He wants people to know what he's gone through. Even, though he was bullied when he was younger it hasn't affected him as a person. Joey Graceffa has a good sense of humor because he likes to say little jokes. He is also funny because he has the best reaction sometimes. His face just makes you laugh. Even his laugh does makes you laugh.  In the music video Don't Wait he says "The darkness can be such a lonely place on your own, I'll be your compass so you'll never feel alone, Don't wait for the world to be ready, Who says you can't explore? Don't wait for the world to be ready Find what you're looking for" ("DON'T WAIT - OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO | Joey Graceffa").These lyrics say if you are ever feeling lonely, Joey or just someone in general will be their for you. They will help you out of that darkness so you don't feel alone. He's also saying don't wait just do it.

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