James Herriot

by Zoe from Mission Viejo

135986Sign at Alf Wight's original practice, in Thirsk, 23 KirkgatePeter K Burian [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]My hero is James Herriot (James Alfred Wight), why… for many reasons. When I first noticed James Herriot, he was in a picture at my veterinarian’s office. I asked the vet about him and he told me who he was and that he was also his hero. He told me what he does and how James Herriot inspired him to also become veterinarian. When I grow up I really want to be a veterinarian. James Herriot was a country vet and I hope to be one day just like him. He has inspired me and many others to be a veterinarian.

My personal career hero is James Herriot. He is a country veterinarian. He also wrote books about his veterinarian experiences. In 1939, he went to Glasgow Veterinary College and qualified as a veterinary surgeon. In January 1940, he took his first job in veterinary practice, in Sunderland. Then later that year he moved to Thirsk, Yorkshire to continue his practice. Throughout his life his salary was not much, but it is something you have to sacrifice to do what you love. Though when he started to write his books he did make a lot of money. He then became very famous then and now.

Throughout his life he did not know what he wanted to be. Though at age 12 he decided to be a veterinarian. Also at age twelve he got his first dog, he soon grew to love animals. His love for animals led to his career. “It was also at this time that James read an article in the Meccano Magazine about being a vet that set him on the path to a veterinary profession.” He went to elementary school at Yoker Primary School and then high school at Hillhead High School. Then for 6 years he went to college in Glasgow Veterinary School. His early school life is very vague, but his work is not.

His career as a country vet, led to others' careers as well. His way of helping other people was to help their beloved pets and animals. He realized his importance in life was to help animals. “Eventually, word got around that there was a country vet who was willing to help out a person's beloved Fido or Fifi, and Dr. Herriot found himself able to realize his original dream of treating dogs and cats.” He had many opportunities through his career he was able to be a veterinarian surgeon and a country veterinarian. He was able to achieve his dream.

My dream is to succeed just like James Herriot. In high school I plan to challenge myself with advance classes and get good grades and try my hardest. I also plan on taking both the SAT and ACT tests. In college I plan to also challenge myself and graduate with a high GPA. Also I plan to go to Washington State University to be a veterinarian and I plan to graduate with a DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine). Throughout my life I plan to succeed not only in school, but I also plan to volunteer and help out with my community. I also plan to volunteer at the local veterinarian hospitals and shelters. I am going to succeed just like James Herriot.

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