Mrs. Janet Johnson

by Haley Holtz

"If Slavery is not wrong, nothing is wrong. I cannot remember when I did not so think, and feel." That is the quote of Lincoln's I like above all others. It shows he cared for all of his people, and did succeed by issuing the Emancipation Proclamation. He succeeded in ending something called slavery. Lincoln is a hero to me because he had perseverance. He didn't get half way through something and then quit, he was persistent with his actions. He is honest too; in my opinion the best Lincoln story is the one about the time when he received 5 cents too much in change, so he walked ten miles in all to return it! He was also a great leader, and why I think that is because he doesn't necessarily pick his favorite people, but he picks people to work with him who will get the job done correctly. I think that is amazing and it definitely makes Lincoln a great hero for everyone.

There have been so many people who've influenced me, but one person has without a doubt impacted my life. That person is my sixth grade teacher Mrs. Janet Johnson. She states, "The true essence of a woman is inner strength, determination, hard work, and complete honesty." If a woman hold these ideals she will have the ability to overcome all obstacles." One of the first things she said was about inner strength. Lincoln had to have that otherwise everyone would've torn him apart! Something she and I both relate to was the people's first reaction to Lincoln. I was taking the role of a town's person, and she was Lincoln. Honestly, I wasn't so sure about how I would like having Mrs. Johnson as a teacher. I wasn't used to a teacher who was loud and had so much fun. Now, more than half way through the school year, I've realized she is by far my favorite teacher yet! She is also persistent with everything. She does so much so our classmates can achieve the best of our abilities. She is so dedicated to our school, and with her hard work, she even got our school to be a Lincoln Legacy school through the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Committee in Washington, D.C. Mrs. Johnson makes everything easier to understand so we can comprehend and clarify what we have read or so learned. She is an important and influential person, she's honest and straight forward, and is so educated that I learn endlessly from her every day. Mrs. Johnson has impacted my life so greatly because of her ability to overlook all of the flaws, and things my classmates and I do wrong. She doesn't yell at us and make us feel scared. She corrects us, and helps us move forward. She also has put a handprint on the paper of my life because she is a joy to be around, and hearing her laughter brings a smile to everyone.

People should be like my 6th grade teacher and my 200 year old hero Honest Abe because they have a way with people and are indeed good motivators for all. Mrs. Johnson for sure will keep you on track! Something she and Lincoln both do that everyone should work on is trying to get everyone to work together. I love how Mrs. Johnson can always bring out the best in people and have something nice to say about everybody. People should be like Mrs. Johnson and Lincoln because they are hard workers and a friend to everyone they meet.

Abraham Lincoln is my hero because if he didn't persevere like he did and bring together the people he did, just think of what could've happened to our nation. Yes, the union was divided for a short time, however Lincoln created a solid foundation so the United States could grow and prosper.

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