John Lennon

by Pierce from Peterborough

John Lennon

John Lennon, the former Beatles star, is my main hero not for who he was but for what he stood for. John was a symbol for what is the most important thing in this world to me, he stood for peace. Lennon had a fairly private life but he made sure that his enthusiasm and positivity regarding peace was made public. He attended and hosted many anti war protests to stop more blood from being spilled in wars and violent acts. He wrote a song called "Give Peace A Chance" to give his fans, and the world, an anthem for peace. It was sung outside the White House protesting war. John had trouble with the Nixon Administration because Nixon believed John would affect his election rating. Lennon was stalked almost constantly in 1972 because of his beliefs and outlooks in peace. A biography called "The U.S. v.s. John Lennon" was created explaining a series of encounters he had with this administration. The way John dealt with this devastating situation was inspiring to many. He remained calm and still continued fighting for what he believed in. In Lennon's life, he went through many stages but this wasn't who he really was because he will be remembered for what he became and how much of an impact he had on other's lives.

On the 8th of December, 1980, John Lennon was murdered by a man named Mark David Chapman, who shot him in the back four times, another bullet just missing his head. A question that still puzzles the world is why would he want to kill a hero to millions? Even twenty eight years later after his death, John remains a hero to many people. Memorials have been placed around the world in memory of all his accomplishments. John will never be forgotten and continues to make a mark in people's lives. These are the very important reasons why John Lennon has become and is my hero.

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