Ja-Liang Lin

by Vicky from Taichung Fenyuan

He grew up in a family which ran a Traditional Chinese medicine store. He suffered from Nephritis of unknown reason in his university era. Because of this, he had to conduct Hemodialysis for a long time. It also caused him study Nephrology hard. He contributed his specialty about kidney science, poisonous substance science, and saved many people's lives.

Internet (Internet)
Internet (Internet)

He was the first doctor that researched the antidote of the pesticide "Paraquat", reducing the proportion of deaths in Taiwan because of intake of pesticides.

Helped the case of "Mike powder with Melamine. He even researched some food safety events, such as Plasticizer increasing. His regular inspections like the surplus of pesticide on vegetables also checked people's health. Taking no account, supplies, and manpower to give ordinary people help.

He announced agricultural chemical surplus on the vegetables and fruits' preventive. Plus, he often taught people how to choose safe food. Even though his points may anger the big companies or the government, he dared to speak up for the welfare of ordinary people. His great actions for people are good for us to learn.

He never gave up the chance to save patients and said "Never abandon patients, use every way we can save them until we find the antidote. He didn't stop taking care of people until he died. What he did made good influence and changed our lives, leading us to a healthy world.

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