Dr. Jack Mannix

by Cristie from San Juan Capistrano

Dr. Mannix and His Wife Liz (https://www.sjah.com/drmannix.htm)
Dr. Mannix and His Wife Liz (https://www.sjah.com/drmannix.htm)

“I am proud of our practice. We offer a comfortable, small town feeling but combine it with state of the art expertise and a remarkable, capable and loving staff. We truly love and respect both ends of the leash.”

Dr. Mannix brought my attention because he owns a veterinary hospital in the city I live in. I went on the Animal hospital website and read about him and he became my hero because of all the good things he does. Dr. Mannix became a veterinarian and opened up his own Animal hospital. What I liked about that was that I have always wanted to do that. I’ve always wanted to become a veterinarian and open up my own hospital. Dr Mannix takes personal pride in what he does and I like that because helping animals is a wonderful thing. Dr. Mannix is a great veterinarian; he even takes some animals home to keep taking care of them. He is a great man who treats all the pets that come to him as if they were his. Dr. Mannix has spent his life taking care of animals. Dr. Mannix is a wonderful veterinarian and that is why I chose him as my hero.

Dr. Mannix is veterinarian. He treats animals that are hurt or seriously injured. He does everything he can to get an animal safe. Dr. Mannix attended San Diego University for four years and graduated in 1975 with a BS in Biology. Dr. Mannix then attended UC Davis for four years and in 1980 he graduated and received his doctorate degree in Veterinary Medicine. After he graduated he worked and practiced veterinary in Carmel, California. He worked there until he and his family decided to return to their roots. Dr. Mannix and his family returned to San Juan Capistrano where he opened his very own veterinary hospital in 1986. Since the opening of his hospital Dr. Mannix has been working in the San Juan Capistrano Animal Hospital every week of his life. Veterinarians such as Dr. Mannix earn about thirty-seven dollars an hour and over seventy-six thousand dollars a year. Dr. Mannix got a good education and became what he wanted to be. Dr. Mannix is a great veterinarian.

Dr. Mannix grew up loving animals and this is something that I think caused him to choose his career. He loved animals and I think that made him want to take care of animals and make sure they are safe. During college Dr. Mannix was selected as the Student Representative to the California Veterinary Medical Association. Dr. Mannix was awarded Phi Beta Kappa distinction during college. Dr. Mannix wrote an article about veterinary and it was published in a journal of the California Veterinary Medical Association. With his hard work to study and be a great veterinarian Dr. Mannix was chosen by his classmates to be the spokesman in their graduation. Dr. Mannix became a recipient of the Small Animal Medicine. American Animal Hospital Associations gave Dr. Mannix student of the year. Dr. Mannix was a great student and that is why he received good rewards for all his hard work. Dr. Mannix showed great effort in becoming what he loved. Once he became a veterinarian Dr. Mannix was such an excellent veterinarian that he was interviewed by local television and radio news stations. Dr. Mannix is a great veterinarian and that is why he deserved all those great achievements.

Dr. Mannix helps many animals and people. He cares for, protects, and treats animals in need. As he saves the lives of animals he saves people’s best friends. Dr. Mannix not only saves animals but he also gives the owner the great news that their best friend is okay. Dr. Mannix is a lifesaver. He has saved and is still saving the lives of many animals. Dr. Mannix is a great man that loves what he does.

I want to do great things like my hero. Dr. Mannix is a wonderful man and veterinarian. I want to do everything I can to be like him. I will graduate from high school with the best that I can of grades. I will do all my requirements to become a veterinarian. My lifetime goal is to spend the most time I can to helping animals in need.

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