Jimmy Melton

by Hunter from Forest City

Imagine a world without heroes big or small. Now, this world you have imagined, what is it like? We all have our heroes, or people we consider heroes. In fact, my hero is Jimmy Melton, a doctor that worked at Rutherford Hospital. He was compassionate, as well as a person that never judged, and he loved all life no matter how small. I knew him personally since the age of five, but others knew him as well. He had a way of talking that made you know he was truly a hero.

Compassion, a word that has many meanings for many people. To me a person that puts others first and isn't afraid to get in harms way for another. My hero emphasized these qualities every day. Because he was a doctor, he dealt with situations that could make him ill as well as kill him. That didn't stop him; he kept trying to help others. My hero was a person that didn't see people as objects or tools but saw each individual's personality and valued their thoughts and opinions. I know this to be true because on many occasions he asked my opinion as well as others around him before he did anything.

Now, to say he was a person that never judged would be partially incorrect; he did judge others, but he didn't let his opinions cloud his judgment. He always, always strived to accept people for who they were and didn't care about their past or who they were. He only saw a person that was living the life they wanted, and as long as they were happy, he didn't care. I found this perplexing to the point where I often asked myself, "How can a person be so accepting and kind?" I never got the chance to ask him, but I'm sure he would say,"People are people. They make their own decisions so they can have a happy life. No one should live miserably and devoid of happiness."

One of the golden rules of life is to love all things. Sadly, this is one of the hardest rules to follow because you must accept everything and never judge harshly or be biased. Most people fail at following this rule, me included, but Jimmy seemed to make that his code in life. He enjoyed nature, being around others and going out of his way to help people. He loved to volunteer and helped more people than most since he was a doctor. Coincidentally, during his last few days alive, he was partaking in a bike ride for a charity and stayed in the back to help a physically impaired man finish the ride.

Now, have you imagined your hero? Did they have some of these qualities and beliefs? Mine was Jimmy Melton. Who is yours? "Remember one thing: Your hero is your hero. No one can change that, and no one can force a hero upon you." To obtain your hero, you must first reach out a hand, and grasp your own life.

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