Jesse Owens

by Sebastian from Ontario

           My hero is Jesse Owens because Jesse Owens showed a bunch of bravery and a bunch of courage. He was in the 1936 Olympics, also Hitler was in the crowd watching him. He was racing with Hitler's men so Hitler said if he lost the race he will get killed. Before the race he was training all he can but he wasn't afraid that he will not lose and Hitler will kill him. Jesse Owens went to Ohio State University. 

        When Jesse Owens is the youngest of ten children with three girls and seven boys. His dad's name is Henry Owens and his mom's name is Mary Emma Fitzgerald. Jesse Owens was Nine years old when they moved to Cleveland Ohio. When Jesse Owens was smaller his family called him J.C. But with his Southern accent he came up with Jesse. When Jesse Owens was a boy he had many jobs. He had to deliver groceries, had to load freight cars, and worked at shoe repair shop. While Jesse was working he realized that running was his passion. Owens got a lot of attention when he was running in the 100 yard dash within 9.4 seconds. He also did the long jump and he got 24 feet 9 inches.

          In 1936 Owens arrived in Berlin for the Olympics. Many people didn't want Owens to participate in the Olympics but Owens just ignored them. Hitler was in the crowd and he "had high hopes that German athletes will dominate the Olympics". On August 3 he won the 100 m at the time of 10 seconds. On August 4 he won the long jump with a jump of 26 ft. On August 5 he won the 200 m sprint with the time of 20 seconds defeating Mack Robinson which was Jackie Robinson's older brother. On August 9 Jesse Owens won his fourth gold medal in the 4 x 100 m sprint relay. Jesse Owens set a record on the long jump with 26 ft. (

       When Jesse Owens won he was so proud of himself and very happy that he wouldn't get killed. He was giving a speech telling about how he feels after he won. Also after he won he was allowed to go in whites' hotels and at that time other dark skin people had to stay in other hotels. While he was in his hotel he got a package with 10,000 dollars and he didn't know who it was. After the games was over, the Olympic team and Owens were invited to compete in Sweden. Many athlete officials were angry because Jesse Owens ended his career immediately.

         Jesse Owens is my hero because he taught me not to be afraid and be brave. Jesse Owens died on December 1979 he died of lung cancer.

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