Jesse Owens, a hero despite of him

by Romain and Quentin from Amiens

Jesse Owens has marked History : discover how !
Jesse Owens
Jesse Owens


Jesse Cleveland Owens, also known as "The Buckeye Bullet," was born on September 12, 1913 in Oakville, Alabama. He died on March 31, 1980 in Tucson, Arizona. His parents were Henry and Emma Owens. He had six brothers and sisters. He is buried in Oak Woods Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois. He was 5'10" tall and he weighed 165 lbs. He was black-haired man and he had brown eyes. He studied in the Cleveland East Technical High School, then in the Ohio State University. His spouse was Ruth Owens. He had three children namely Gloria, Beverly and Marlene. He was considered as the best athlete of all time ! 

His athleticism career

He was fifteen when he starts his athletic career at the East Technical High School. His trainer was Charles Riley. He quickly made a name and was recognized as a nationally sprinter, setting records in the 100 and 200-yard dashes and in the long jump. After, Owens went at The Ohio State University and continued to become a great athlete. In 1935, he took part at the 1935 Big Ten Championships. From this date, he was nicknamed the "Buckeye Bullet". His dominance at the Big Ten games was par for the course for Owens that year, which saw him win four events at the NCAA Championships, two events at the AAU Championships and three others at the Olympic trials. In all, Owens competed in 42 events that year, winning them all. 

The consecration : Owens becomes a hero

In Berlin, during the Olympics Games (1936), Hitler wanted to show to the world the Arian race domination. But Jesse Owens proved that he was wrong and entered the Olympics legend. He became the athlete the most title of this edition. He was also the first to win four track events : 100 and 200 yard, 4x100 yard relay and long jump. His record was not improved since forty-eight years. The remarkable sporting achievement of Owens brought the public of Berlin to greet an Afro-American like a hero. At the medals ceremony Hitler left the stadium and refused to shake his hands. The German competitor of Owens wanted to show his fair-play by shaking his hands. By his remarkable sporting achievement just one man in one week took forward as much the interracial causes as activists groups in several years ! And he become an idol for several sports generations of any origins. 

Conclusion and end of his life 

His career was shortened because he refused to go to events meeting after the Berlin Olympics Games. So he was struck off the amateur list and disqualified. He died because of lung cancer on Monday, March 31, 1980 in Tuscon, Arizona, USA and was aged 66. Jesse Owens wanted to mark the world by his remarkable sporting achievement but became an anti-racism-hero despite of him !

Jesse Owens in Berlin ( ())
Jesse Owens in Berlin ( ())

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