Joe Pinkerton

by Emily from Austin

My dad, my sister Camille, and me
My dad, my sister Camille, and me

My hero is my dad, Joe Pinkerton. He invents things that make the world a better place. Right now he is inventing a type of transportation that does not pollute, so the world will have way less pollution in the air. This type of transportation also runs on a tiny amount of heat. As you probably already know, the world is having a global warming.

Another one of his inventions is the Cool Air. When the power goes out, it keeps it on and the air conditioning. He has invented a lot of inventions, at least 50 so far. My dad never gives up trying to make his inventions work. He has been an inventor for 28 years. I asked him who his hero is. He said, “My heroes are Thomas Edison and Nicola Tesla.”

<a href=>My dad</a>, from Forbes
My dad, from Forbes

My dad doesn’t just invent things all day, he also plays with us. We mostly wrestle or play dodgeball. He also goes to meetings around the world for 3 to 5 days and sometimes for a week. One time when he went on a trip to a trade show, they did not have enough money for individual hotel rooms, so all four of them had to share a hotel room. One man snored so loudly that my dad had to sleep in the bathtub.

He also helps me with my homework, but he tries to teach me math way beyond my level. Another reason I consider him my hero is because when my mom and dad were first married, my dad found a little pink baby bird on the ground. There wasn’t a nest in sight and there was only one baby bird, so he took it inside and my mom and dad nursed it to health. When it was old enough, my mom and dad let it go.

The transportation invention he is working on came into his head when he read The History of Heat. He told me, “If you want to be an inventor, you have to have a good imagination, a long attention span and a high pain tolerance. And you have to study math and science in school.” He also told me to never give up and to always do something you love. That is why he is my hero.

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