Jackie Robinson #42

by Marco from Fresno

Jackie Robinson was the first African american (Google images  ())
Jackie Robinson was the first African american (Google images ())

Jackie Robinson was a man who played baseball when he was small and in college. He later on was the first African American guy to play for the team called The Brooklyn Dodgers. He had a father but when he was 6 months as a baby he died. He also had a lot a trouble when he was playing for the Dodgers. He had been made fun of laughed at and when he stepped on the field they yelled at him saying that he couldn't do it and told him that he sucked . Later when he became part of the Dodger's team and he has been showing his gifts and more people liked him and some white people liked him too but not that much.

He was always yelled at but he knew he had to ignore them. He had his wife that supported him and told him he could do it . In the big leagues was when it got really hard for him. They even tried to throw it and hit his head. He felt like smashing the teeth out of one white person but he couldn't. He knew it he did it he would get kicked out of the team and be yelled at for the rest of his life.

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