Juana Segura

by Jennifer from Newark

In my life there are many people who inspire me and who I look up to. However, the person I look up to the most is loving, caring, and a strong woman (who is a mother of 5). She has gone through struggles in her life, but managed to go beyond the impossible to support her family. She is the reason I try my hardest every day. She is my mother, however she is also my hero.

Growing up was not as easy as other kids had it. My father was never by our side; my mother worked hard to put clothes on our backs, food on the table, and a roof over our heads. My mother, Juana, an independent woman who had 2 to 3 jobs just to make ends meet always worked her hardest. Although my mom had a lot on her hands, she would always come making things seem like there was nothing wrong with the world.

As I was growing I realized she was my role model. I wanted to be someone independent and who was not afraid to ask for help when needed. My mom is my inspiration to do good in my studies because I want to make her proud and show her what I'm capable of accomplishing. Something that my sisters could not do but one. As I get older I realize why she was so tough on me and why she would get mad if I was disrespectful.

From when I was little she always made sure that I was always respectful. My mom taught me my manners and how to speak to an elder or someone important. Someday when I get kids of my own I want to make sure I do the same for them like my mother did. I want to love them the way my mom loved me. I am thankful for the way that she raised me.

Overall, I am glad and feel very lucky to have a mother like her. I would not trade my life for her for anything else in the world. She is what helped me all my life, to keep believing in myself. I love her and know she will always be there through hard and easy times, through my happiness and sadness. That is why she is my inspiration and hero.

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