Jimmi Sixes

by Shane from Pickerington

HERO: The one in your life that does the right thing everytime.

My hero's name is Jimmi Sixes. He is a war veteran also, a street poet that is living a not so great life at the time. He lives in a run down substation that is like a cave.


Jimmi is a hero in three ways, one way is that he is a war veteran. I believe any war veteran is a hero no matter how long they were in the service or even if they were in during non-war times, they still served our country. He also showed me that you do not need to rely on other people all the time. "WHY" Jimmie wrote this remembering going in and out of foster care. Another thing that Jimmi did was shake his drug addiction. Before he got rid of everything drug related he wrote "TIME TO FEEL AGAIN. KNOW THE TRIBE OF MAN FOR ALL ITS JOY AND HURT." This was him talking of being high and numb. "Don't make me brake your arm" Jimmi said this when he stopped the girl from cutting Mik, then rushed her to safety.

Reasons why Jimmi should be inducted to the Hero Hall of Fame. 1. He is a very caring person and is always looking out for other people. 2. They way he can live on his own for so long in and out of foster care should get an award anyway. 3. Jimmi is a war veteran. 4. How nice Jimmi was the first time he met Fatima.

I think that it is very important that you look up to someone you can call your hero. This would be someone who does the right things, no matter who is looking. This person would always be fair and nice to others. Another reason for having a hero is so you can try and do what they do and set goals to help you with life and also help you become a better person.

Q'a and A's Q: How would you define the word "hero?" A: Somebody that little kids can look up to as a role model. Q: Would you consider yourself a hero? A: no. Q: You had a tragic life yourself, didn't you? A: Yes, but I would not like to talk about it. Thank you Q:How did you manage to deal with going in and out of foster care? A: It was tough at first but after a while you just learn to deal with it and do not worry about things you can't change. Q: What made you get into poetry? A: After i got back from the war I had a lot of free time and when I was alone I just wrote down all of my thoughts and rhymes. Q: Do you have any role models or heroes in your life? A: I did, it was Joe Knows. He was like a dad to me before he passed. Q: How well did you handle it when Joe died? A: I handled it the best i could but it definitely hurt deep down. Q: What was going through your head when you saved Mik before she was slashed by those girls? A: To be honest nothing was. It was just a reaction because what they were doing was completely wrong to do. Q: Have you completely healed from the beating? A: I have physically but mentally no. I mean they beat me to a pulp. Q: One last question for you. How do you feel now that Fatima is gone? A: Is that even a question. I think about that everyday and night it just kills me to know where she is going back to and that it was all my fault.

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