Jimmi Sixes

by Rowan from Pickerington

What I think a hero is someone who will do things for the greater good of others, someone who thinks of others before themselves and takes risks to take care of or protect them. To me that is a true hero.

I believe it is important to have a hero because everyone should have someone to look up to or someone they want to be. At the same time you shouldn't depend on someone to take care of you and you should be able to do the right thing without having to have a hero. With that being said I still think that it's important to have a hero because when your life is tuff and you’re not sure you can do anything your hero will be there to save you, in any way.

Tamika Sykes is a very heroic person but in my eyes Jimmi Sixes is the true hero. He is always thinking about Tamika and Fatima. He introduces them hoping that they will help each other. "Here's what I see: two artists. Y'all are gonna create the most beautiful thing in the world (22 Griffin)." This shows that he think that the two of them could change something and make it better. Changes their sad lives into the happy ones they deserve. "He wanted to rip away his skin. Was this physical withdrawal or his spirit's hunger? A knock of crack would help him get through to tomorrow. . .(28)." Even with him with withdrawing from his addiction, which in with itself is very strong of him, he is still trying to help these girls. When they find themselves in a hard time he comes to make them feel as good as he can. He forgets about his life, his troubles, just to see that these girls are happy. "He showed up for his janitor gig, but he was such a mess his boss sent him home (65)." Jimmi wants to put his life together for himself and for the people around him. He always seems to care about the people close to him. If something happened to them, he would never want that. That is why I believe that Jimmi Sixes is the real hero.

Jimmi Sixes should be inducted into the Hall of Fame because he shows true heroics in the story "The Orange Houses". Even with all the bad things going on in his life he still takes time to try and help Tamika and Fatima. He went to war serving his country to then come home and find his girlfriend dead along with his baby. Going through all this he becomes a drug addict. His life has been hard but he does what he can to make the two girls happy. He introduces the two girls in hopes of them becoming friends and helping each other and then the girls do start helping each other. Their friendship saves each other and that is all because of Jimmi. That is why Jimmi Sixes should be in the Hall of Fame.

To Jimmi, Q: What would you do if you were deaf like Tamika? A: I think I would try my best to live life as normal as possible. Q: Who would you say would be your hero? A: Tamika would be my hero because with what she’s dealing with she still a tough chick. Q: With what has happened have you ever thought of yourself as a hero? A: No, I'm not a hero at all. To Tamika, Q: Do you think you could ever be anyone's hero? A: No, because I'm very weak and couldn't stand up for myself. So why would anyone look up to me? Q: If Fatima or Jimmi were ever in trouble would you risk yourself to help them? A: Yeah. I would do anything for them. They are so important to me. Q: Did you ever feel like a bad guy? A: There have been times when I just felt like all that has happened was my fault and I shouldn't live like this. To Fatima, Q: If you were someone’s role models who do you hope it would be? A: I would hope it would be my little sister because she means the world to me and I would do anything for her. Q: If it weren't for Jimmi and Tamika where do you think you would be right now? A: I think I would either be in jail, dead, or heading home. Jimmi and Mik helped me so much. To Tamika's Mother, Q: Have you ever felt that your daughter was trying to look up to you but was disappointed? A: I feel that all the time but I would do anything for my daughter no matter what. I just want her to have a normal, happy life. Q: If your daughter didn't get her new hearing aid what would you have done? A: Anything I could to make her life better or more normal.

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