Literary Heroes

Jimmi Sixes

by Brennan from Pickerington

This is where Fatima and Mika dream to go.
This is where Fatima and Mika dream to go.

Definition: Hero- A person who helps another person in a life changing way, for the good.

Jimmi drove around on the skateboard.
Jimmi drove around on the skateboard.

Yes, it is very important to have a hero. Everyone needs someone to look up to, and this will give them a goal they want to fulfill.

Jimmi Sixes is the person in this novel who portrays characteristics of a hero. The whole book Jimmi was making things better for Mika and Fatima, by getting them to be friends and heightening their spirits. He also saved Mika's life by pulling Shanelle off of Mika right before she severely hurt her. Then while Mika was injured Jimmi carried her all the way to his cave for safety. He then fixed Mika's injures, and left the cave to see if Shanelle and her gang where still out there. While he was out there he searched for Fatima to make sure she was safe.

There are many reasons for Jimmi to be in the Heroes Hall of Fame. First of all, he united two friends and changed their lives forever. He had people who looked up to him and liked him for who he really was. He also saved Mika's life. She was in a lot of trouble, in a near death situation. He then took the beating of his life for saving Mika. He deserves to be in the Heroes Hall of Fame for every reason possible.

Jimmi, Fatima, and Mika all made paper animals.
Jimmi, Fatima, and Mika all made paper animals.

1. "Who is your personal hero?" A. "I don't really have a hero, i never really had the greatest life so I joined the Marines. I never really had a set goal in life." 2. "In your mind, what's your definition of a hero?" A. "A person someone looks up to." 3. "Why did you save Mika?" A. "She is my friend, and one of the only people who sees me as who i really am." 4. "Would you rather be looked up to, or look up to someone else?" A. "I'd rather look up to someone else, so i can try to change my life." 5. "Do you think Fatima is a hero?" A. "Yes, she stood up for us no matter the consequences." 6. "Why do you think people are calling you and Fatima heroes?" A. "Because we did things most are scared to do, by standing up for yourself, friends, and family. By changing their lives in some way." 7. "What would you change about yourself to become a better role model?" A. "I will stop doing drugs and drinking alcohol." 8. "If you could make a situation easier, would you make it easier on yourself or others?" A. "On others, you can always change your life, but you only get a couple of chances to change others." 9. "Do you think you are a hero?" A. "No." 10. "Why?" A. "I was doing what anyone would do, by saving someone you care about.

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