Jack Skellington

by Kristin from Joplin


My hero is Jack Skellington from the movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and he inspires me. He's my hero because he does a lot of things for his town and friends. Some of the things are helping people, making decisions, and he is also the Pumpkin King for Halloween Town (his town). He is my hero because he inspires me to do things for my community. He does things for his friends too; he saves his friend Sally and he helps out his town a lot.

He is very different; he doesn't want to be king, and he doesn't want all the power. He just wants to be a regular person. He inspires me and is my hero because he has all the power but doesn't really want it. The reason why he is my hero is because he has a lot of power but doesn't ever abuse it. If I ever get any kind of control over anybody I will think of him and not ever abuse my power.

He does have someone he really dislikes though, and thats Oogie Boogie. Jack hates him very much. Oogie eats people and he was about to eat Sally when Jack saved her. Jack is very unique; he seems like he's going to be mean because he's a skeleton, but he is very nice and has a good heart. These are just a few things about my hero, Jack Skellington.

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