John Williams

by James from Glendale

My hero is John Williams. Why he is my hero is because he is a great composer and a conductor. He has created the theme music for movies such as Star Wars, Jaws, and other great movies. John William loves to play in front of people that love his music. I like to hear his music all day long. He is my hero because he is such a great composer and has inspired me to play my own instrument.

John Williams was born in New York and attended UCLA. He has played for Movies Rock and has won a numerous awards for his music. He has played for the Olympic theme and NBC Nightly News. He has made contributions to tv, music and films so that they can be so joyful in the entertainment.

The way he inspired me is by showing me how to make me to play my own instrument. I'm trying to work on my own music but I still need some help on it. In addition, I'm trying to get his music and learn to play the songs. I love his music from Star Wars and Indiana Jones. I hope that one day I can create like him one day.

John Williams overall is a great inspiration to me. He has played for movies that I don't even know of. I even listen to his music on my ipod so that I can enjoy his music everywhere I go. I hope that I can become a great conductor just like him someday.

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