Jim Abbot

by Kieran from San Francisco

James Anthony Abbot was born in Flint Michigan on September 17, 1967. He was naturally athletic, but was born without his right hand. Jim played many sports but excelled in baseball and football. He always threw hard and early in his Little League career he was converted to a pitcher. "I could always throw well, and my first little league coach thought it might be a good fit," said Jim.

Jim went to Flint Central High School and was the starting quarterback and number one starter. The Toronto Blue Jays drafted him in the 36th round. Instead of signing, he decided to accept a scholarship to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbour. While at Michigan he was an All- American and won the prestigious Golden Spikes award. This award is given to the best college baseball player in the country. Winners include Will Clark, Buster Posey, and David Price. The Angels drafted him in the 1st round in the 1988 MLB draft.

Jim's first game was for the major league club. He is one of about 50 who have done this. He started his career with the angels in a slump, but finish the year with a solid 12 wins. He played for four different teams, finished with a losing record and is not in the Hall of Fame, but he proved that anyone could play the sports they love, even wit disabilities.

Today, Jim Abbott is a public speaker. He travels around the United States and tells his story, from his incredible highs, such a pitching a no-hitter, to incredible lows. He often talks about life and how you have to deal with the highs and lows of life. Jim may not have had the greatest career, and he will not end up in the Hall of Fame, but he has shown that anything is possible. I hope that by reading this paper, you will take it to heart too.

"Some of you may know that my career statistics weren't that great. There were some incredible highlights and some agonizing low lights. The truth is, I won't go to the hall of fame. But if a career can be measured by special moments, lessons learned, and a connection with people, then I would stack mine up with anyone's. Maybe there is an obligation to share. To try and learn from the experiences life puts us through." - Jim Abbott

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