Jeremy Aven

by Ana

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     My hero is Jeremy Aven, the most outstanding soccer coach I have ever met. Coach Jeremy founded and directs SSA, the soccer academy I participate in. I have known Jeremy for three years and he lives downtown. Almost everything he wears has his initials on it and he shaves his head so you can easily spot him from a distance. When our team goes to soccer tournaments, he uses his iPad to show us different plays for the game ahead and who is in what position. Also, he has met about ten million coaches all over the U.S. and knows at least one in every tournament that we play in. He frequently visits Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks Coffee and I have met him at those places many times.  Coach Jeremy never yells at his players but occasionally has to chastise the referee. He is strict about having a good work ethic but makes up jokes that we laugh at, lets our team do fun drills and always, always saves time for a scrimmage at the end of practice.

     Here are some things that make Jeremy a hero to me. First of all, he is strong because he battled staff infection in his knee and overcame surgeries. He still has a limp when he walks around at practice. Coach Jeremy started his own soccer academy since he didn't agree with the ways of CGSA. This was brave because if he resigned from CGSA, he probably wouldn't be allowed back to coach at CGSA ever again. Then if nobody joined his soccer academy after he branched off CGSA, Coach Jeremy wouldn't have a job. He is intelligent because he knows almost every answer to any soccer question you could possibly ask. Also Jeremy has a degree in psychology so he can motivate us before a game. Those are some important traits that every soccer coach should have and Coach Jeremy has every one of them.

     Jeremy is similar to and different from Greek mythology heroes in many ways. He is like Odysseus because both of them are astute, intelligent, and patient. Jeremy never yells at us and always tells us key points that help our team win a tournament. Jeremy is brave in the same way Hercules was because he started his own academy with the risk of losing his job. He is not at all conceited, arrogant or vain like Narcissus because he always thinks of others before himself. Unlike Jason or Hercules, it seems as if Jeremy never makes a mistake and is always one step ahead of us. Coach Jeremy is and will always be my hero.  

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