Jessica Ennis

by Roanne from Oban, Scotland

 (Jessica Ennis)
(Jessica Ennis)

Endurance, stamina and determination are the qualities she uses for success. Jessica Ennis is my future and inspiration to succeed.

I remember watching Jessica on the tv at the olympics. She was doing the 800m race. I can't remember if she won but that's what encouraged me to acheive my ambition to be an olympian. Jessica Ennis does the heptathlon. She has to compete in 7 events which means loads of training.

Jessica Ennis was born in Sheffield on the 28th of January, 1986. She grew up there and still lives there now with her chocolate labrador, Myla.

She has several gold medals and is the European heptathlon champion and the former world champion. She has participated in lots of olympics. This is what I want to do!

Overall, Jessica Ennis is an inspiration to us all. She is hard working and committed to her sport. This encourages me to do my best.

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