Jesse Owens

by Ana from Leawood

Jesse Owens was born in Alabama on September 12, 1913. Jesse was a son of a share cropper and his grandpa was a slave. He was the seventh child of Henry and Emma Alexander Owens. Owens was an Olympic runner and won four gold medals, but that is not why he is a hero. Jesse Owens was a hero because he demonstrated great courage in the way he still went to Germany in 1936 to race in the Olympics despite of Hitler.

In 1922 Jesse moved to Cleveland, Ohio. He ran track in school, and of course he set records in the long jump and high jump. He was married in 1932. Soon after that he entered many competitions. He finished 75 out of 79. He set many world records. For example, he set the records in the 220 yard dash and in the 220 low hurdles. A year after he set the World Records he won 4 gold medals. He was an amazing athlete.

Jesse Owens was a hero. He was an amazing athlete but that is not why he was so heroic. He was a very courageous person. For example, the Olympics were held in Germany so that meant Hilter would be there. He went to the Olympics even though there was a lot of prejudice. Jesse was also a very humble man. Nobody would cheer for him even though he won. Nobody would be happy for him besides his family or friends. This is because he was African American at a time when they did not have civil rights and were often discriminated against. Jesse always persevered as he did when he had a sore back and decided to see if he would be able to run. He tied the world record (9.4 seconds) despite the pain. He also went to compete in three other events and set a world record in all three of them. He had a lot of confidence and that helped him do well in the Olympics of 1936. Jesse was an inspirational speaker. He talked to many people about motivational things including youth groups, business people, sports banquets, PTA, church organizations, and ceremonies. That's why I think Jesse Owens was a hero.

Jesse Owens died in 1980 on March 31 of lung cancer, he was 66. In this essay it states why Jesse Owens was a hero. It also states what he did in his life. He was a hero because he had to overcome many obstacles and had a great personality. He was a very humble person. Also he had a lot of courage. That is why Jesse Owens is my hero.

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