Ji Sung Park

by Jason from San Diego

Imagine you are the one of the greatest soccer players in your hometown. Park Ji Sung is the one of the greatest soccer player in Korea who became the first Asian soccer player in Manchester United. He played soccer since he was young in Korea, and now plays soccer in Europe. He is flat-footed but can run like other players on his team. In 2002, he met Guus Hiddink who became Korea's coach. He taught Park and other players the new way of practicing soccer. Park is a hero because he did so many incredible things that not only helped his hometown but also redefined flat footed people as athletes as well. He is one of the best soccer players in Korea who has been playing in Manchester United since 2005.

One of the greatest soccer teams in the world, Manchester United has to have great soccer players to be a strong team. In 2002, Park Ji Sung helped Korea to go to the semi-final. After the 2002 game, he proved he had talent in soccer and got a chance to join Manchester United: "At 21-years-old, the man from Seoul lit up the 2002 World Cup on home soil as he played a pivotal role in a mind blowing run to the semi-finals. Under the guidance of Coach Guus Hiddink, who would later bring Park to PSV Eindhoven, he rose majestically to the occasion of the World Cup, scoring a peach against Portugal, and he is now considered irreplaceable in the national side." Under Guus Hiddink's endurance training, Park Ji Sung and other players had improved their soccer game. Park scored very important goals and made it through to the semi-finals. Park Ji Sung is now famous because he is now a mid-fielder in Manchester and scored lots of goals: "South Korea's most decorated footballer has for years been seen as a mere fringe player in a world class Manchester United side - but he has scored some of the most crucial goals in their recent history and is always vital in big matches against the top teams. His most recent heroics were in the Champion's League quarter final, as Manchester United defeated Chelsea 3-1 on aggregate. He helped secure this victory with the second crucial goal in the second leg for a 2-1 win, a mere 26 seconds after Chelsea equalized." Park is now famous in Europe because he scored incredible goals and saved many games with other players. He is hardworking, successful, and that makes him popular in Europe.

Park Ji Sung recently made lots of goals and saved his team to win by working hard. Even though he is flat-footed and went to a bad college, luckily he met Guus Hiddink, learned soccer, and eventually became one of the most famous soccer players in Korea: "Park's stubborn, hardworking character will serve him well in England where he must now conquer one of the toughest leagues in football. Few would bet against him succeeding. Park has been described as "a wizard with the ball at his feet who can burn defenders with his speed." Although he is flat footed, he worked a lot harder than others and improved his soccer skills. He now is better than other players in Korea and can make goals. Park has nick names, "Oxygen Tank" and "Three-Lung Park" because he plays hard and never stops during the game: "Park can also score goals - it was his winner against Chelsea that confirmed United's passage to a Champions League semi-final against Schalke - and in fairness the South Korean's all-round game has improved immeasurably in the six years he has been at United." His soccer skills improved by practicing hard and it led his team to win the game against Chelsea. Park Ji Sung is one of the best soccer players and is a hero in Korea.

A soccer hero in Korea, Park Ji Sung made many incredible goals in Europe and showed people that flat-footed people also can run like him. As a mid-fielder in Manchester, he made lots of goals and helped his team to win. He is the first Asian soccer player to play in Manchester so he is now famous in Europe and Korea. After all the things he's done, he has become one of the best soccer players in the world and will be loved by soccer fans everywhere.

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Extra Info

Squad No: 13 Position: Midfielder Age: 30 Birth Date: Feb 25, 1981 Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea Height: 5' 9'' (1.75m) Weight: 72 kg