Colonel Jack H. Jacobs

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Jack H. Jacobs ((
Jack H. Jacobs ((

While serving in Vietnam, Colonel Jack C. Jacobs (then 1st Lt. for the 2d Battalion) was advancing to a combat position on a mission in Kien Phong when his battalion came under intense machine gun and mortar fire. As the 2nd Battalion deployed into attack formation, devastating fire halted its advance. Due to the intensity of the enemy attack and heavy casualties to the command group, including the company commander, the attack stopped and the friendly troops became disorganized.

Although wounded himself, Lieutenant Jacobs assumed command of the allied company, ordered a withdrawal from the exposed position and established a defensive perimeter. Despite profuse bleeding from head wounds that impaired his vision, Lt. Jacobs, with complete disregard for his safety, returned under intense fire to evacuate a seriously wounded advisor to the safety of a wooded area where he administered lifesaving first aid. He then returned through heavy automatic weapons fire again to evacuate the wounded company commander. Jacobs made repeated trips across the fire-swept open rice paddies evacuating wounded and their weapons.

His gallant actions and extraordinary heroism saved the lives of a U.S. advisor and 13 allied soldiers. Through his effort the allied company was restored to an effective fighting unit. For such extraordinary service, he became one of the most highly decorated soldiers to have served in Vietnam, holding three Bronze Stars, two Silver Stars, two Purple Hearts, and the Medal of Honor, the nation's highest combat decoration.

In the words of that citation, "his gallantry and bravery in action in the highest traditions of the military service, has reflected great credit upon himself, his unit, and the U.S. Army."

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