Saint Joan of Arc

by Kayla from Hillsborough

Joan of Arc is my hero because she was a fearless person. She is my hero because she was told to do something and wouldn’t stop until it was done. She is also my hero because she never let people put her down. Joan of Arc is the ultimate hero because she cared more for others more than for herself.

Joan of Arc was a faithful follower of God. She was very religious towards God. (She claimed he told her to go to France and save the people.) I think that it was actually good that Joan was so religious. She believed that she was to be the savior of France. People believed that she was a witch, not a saint, and that she had supernatural powers. I feel that she was a savior so the people should have believed that she was indeed a saint.

Saint Joan of Arc went to battle with only a banner; she did not wish to hurt anyone. It was good that she believed in peace not war. Joan made every soldier go to confession before they went out to fight. After a while of fighting the soldiers would become tired, but when they caught a sight of Joan they would be revived to fight.

Saint Joan of Arc was patient and unafraid of her death. Joan was tried for witchcraft and for being sent from the devil. Her fate was to be burned at the stake in front of hundreds of people. She died as a martyr (she died rather than give up her religion and her beliefs). Later there was another trial after her death where she was declared innocent, a saint even.

Saint Joan of Arc has been looked upon as a hero many times before, but she will always be one of my heroes. She is a perfect role model for anyone. She didn’t give up on what she believed in, even if something got in her way. That is what makes her a hero.

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