John Paul II

by Spencer from Huntington

John Paul II
John Paul II

Pope John Paul the 2nd is my hero because he was a miracle maker. In my opinion he was the best pope who ever lived. He started out just as a seminarian and was ordained a priest on November, 1st 1946. He was then after that appointed bishop. After bishop he was promoted cardinal on June 26th 1967.

Pope John Paul the II during his Papacy coordinated more saints then any other pope. He was known for his teachings of Christianity to the people of the world. He was shot but survived and even forgave his would-be assassin. He wrote to the people about the dignity of women and the importance of your family. He changed how the world looked upon Catholics.

Also during his Papacy he had many trips around the world to spread Catholicism around the world. He met with George W. Bush on many occasions and met the queen of England. He was the one who established World Youth Day in 1984. He established this to bring youth from all around the world to come together and celebrate the faith.

Pope John Paul the II had good relations with other faiths. He traveled constantly to find the common good. He spoke languages that helped him spread Catholicism to the world. He had helped the U.S and Russia end the cold war. He believed that homosexual people should be treated the same way as everyone else. John Paul II wrote many books on different subjects.

Pope John Paul II will be remembered for everything he did during his Papacy and what he did to change the world. He was one of the best miracle makers other than Jesus Christ. He changed Catholicism and the world. He made a holiday for the youth and like I said earlier he was one of the best Popes in the world that ever lived.

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