Angelina Jolie Voight

by Kaylee from Deer Lodge

Angelina Jolie is a hero to me because she is very caring. She has helped so many children around the world, and she is an amazing actress. I want to be like her in so many ways just because of all she has accomplished. She is her own person and I think that is really awesome. She has been a hero to me ever since I was old enough to know what a hero is.

Angelina was raised in Los Angeles, California, but she did a lot of traveling because she became a model at a very young age. When she was born, her maiden name was Voight but she changed it later. She didn't get along with her father. While she was still a child she became an actress and she attended a lot of acting schools.

Angelina adopted two beautiful Cambodian children. The first was a little boy who she named Maddox. He is now 4. She also adopted a daughter and named her Zahara. She adopted Maddox while she was married to Billy Bob Thorton. She ended up divorcing him though and took Maddox. Angelina is now dating Brad Pitt and he adopted Maddox and Zahara as his own children. He is there adoptive father. Angelina is also expecting a baby with Brad in upcoming months.

Angelina has never really mentioned much about her childhood, besides that she was a very dark and mysterious child. She has also said that she was suicidal at a time and liked death. She has also never mentioned much about her father. All that she has said is that they don't have a close relationship with him. Her father is Jon Voight who is also an actor himself. For a period in time Angelina refused to let her father see his grandchildren. There is one person that Angelina is close to and that is her brother. They have been inseparable since they were born.

Jolie has played in many movies such as Girl Interrupted, The Bone Collector, and Original Sin and so many more at that. My favorite was Girl Interrupted because of how the setting is and how is played out in the end. It is a definite movie to see. Also Angelina has always been into death and stuff and you can see that in the Bone Collector. She is just a remarkable woman who would help anyone in need and she actually donated one third of her earrings to orphanages and stuff. That is incredible.

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Extra Info

Some nicknames for Jolie were Kitty and Jay Jay.

My favorite quotes from her,
"There's something about death that is comforting. The thought that you could die tommorrow frees you to appreciate life now."
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