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Angelina Jolie

by Luka from Slovenia

Angelina Jolie <br>
Angelina Jolie

My Hero is Angelina Jolie. She was born 4 June 1975, and she grew up in Los Angeles. She knew the film industry from a young age, and she was also a professional model in London, New York and Los Angeles. She performed in music videos.

Angelina works with an organization called UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees). On August 27, 2001, Angelina Jolie was named the Goodwill ambassador, she donated millions of dollars to help people in poor countries. She has adopted 2 children from those countries, one boy, his name is Maddox, and one girl named Zahara, she also gave birth to one child some days ago named Shiloh Nouvel.

I choose her because she is a highly paid actress and she is still normal, and she spent her money on people who need it and she gives to them.

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