Angelina Jolie

by Laura from Lawndale

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Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is my hero. She has done a lot for our community. She is a very wealthy person. The age of my hero is approximately 34. She has adopted a little child. The child’s name is Maddox. She also adopted a girl named Zahara. She got her when she was about 4 months old. Angelina got her not just because she’s cute but also because she lived in a small and poor village.

Angelina Jolie has done great things, for example; she has donated millions of dollars to the poorest people that are in need badly. She has sent money, clothes and food to the people in New Orleans. The people there lost their families, property and all assets. Angelina Jolie has been to England, Thailand, and other places all over the world. The child that she had adopted was lying on the streets. She is a U.N. Ambassador. The kid is about to turn 2 years old.

Angelina Jolie is alive. She lives in different places. The actress has a house in Beverly Hills. She lives with her boyfriend and the 2 kids. The house that she lives in is a mansion. It costs more than $200,000 dollars. She likes to spend more money to buy bigger houses and for other things. But she gives more than she spends. She is a progressive yet caring woman of the twenty-first century. My hero wants to give adopted son Maddox, and her other daughter Zahara, a loving home and a better life.

Angelina Jolie lives in Beverly Hills. She lives with Maddox and Zahara. My hero was voted the most beautiful woman. She is going out with Brad Pitt. She has one of her houses in Africa. I can only imagine the size of that house.

Angelina is my idol as she has done wonderful things in the world. God has blessed her for being such a wonderful person to people and to nature. I think she is one of the most important people in the United States.

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