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letting loose and having fun  ( )
letting loose and having fun ( )

"Happy Valentine's Day. You have cancer." These words were told to Kris Carr on February 14, 2003. From what I can tell, they were not music to her ears.  "A photographer and actress is diagnosed with tumors in her liver and lungs, but keeps her spirits up and taps resources to make the disease manageable" (Stein). Carr did many things like write books, make movies and give inspirational talks at UCLA. A hero is a person that is generous and inspires others to live their lives better and more efficiently. Kris Carr is a cancer thriver; she stays positive and lives her life with no exceptions or boundaries and inspires many along the way.

Although Carr lives with cancer, she strives for positivity and hopefulness towards this "poison" living inside of her. Kris Carr was invited to speak on the SuperSoul stage "On the SuperSoul stage, I challenged everybody to love and care for themselves unconditionally, especially when we're facing our fears. Whether you're prepping for a presentation, a doctor's visit or a job interview, you've got this. You always have and you always will"(Karr). Her message to others shows a lot about herself and how far she has come as a human being with cancer. She lets people know to stay positive and face fears, no matter what is going on and what things may be in the way. When there is something like cancer inside of you there is no way avoid thinking about it. With two dozen time bombs ticking inside her? "How the hell could I do that? How could I live with cancer without thinking of dying every day?" she wondered Although these thoughts did accumulate within her head, she stayed strong and now she has survived more than 13 years with cancer! She stands strong and doesn't let the negativity mess with her. Carr can go through rough patches and, contrary to popular belief, she IS human, but she is a human that wants to do the best for herself, by bettering herself and helping others find their way.

Kris Carr speaking on the supersoul stage (
Kris Carr speaking on the supersoul stage (

Kris Carr kicked cancer in the butt and now does whatever she can to live a healthy, carefree, normal life. Kris Carr was talked about after her movie, Crazy Sexy Cancer came out. "Carr follows her own advice to "shake off passive malaise." She gathers her support group or "posse" (many of whom supply guest entries), determined not to let cancer "poison" her entire world."(Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor) This quote shows this by stating  how she got over the huge fear of cancer. For Carr, Cancer was a wake up call for her to stop her bad habits and further her well-being. Carr writes about herself on her self-made website and says this: "It taught me how to listen to my brilliant inner guide. It brought me back to nature (my church) and the garden and my kitchen (my pharmacies) as well as connecting me more deeply with the people and animals (compassion rocks) who set my heart ablaze." Carr now lives with no fears because she listened to her "brilliant inner guide". This quote shows this by discussing how she got over the huge fear of cancer, and not only is Carr living freely, but she is bettering herself in the process. Kris Carr looks forward to living life to the fullest extent, even with cancer.

Carr shows great resilience to cancer when she chooses to stay positive and not let it ruin her life or hold her back from opportunities. For Carr, cancer is powerful for different reasons. She took it as a wake up call - instead of wallowing in sadness, she focused on her health. Carr lives with cancer without negative thoughts, and with no limits. Kris Carr can serve as an inspiration for many to avoid being caught up thinking about all the obstacles in your path and to just get on your way.  "I have cancer. Let that sink in. I have cancer. How should I act. I have cancer." Kris Carr had this realization, and many more people had or will have this realization. One thing to keep in mind is that the phrase, "I have cancer" is not a death penalty, if anything it should be a wakeup call. Take Kris Carr for example.

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Other items she has published for further info.  (
Other items she has published for further info. (

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