Katniss Everdeen

by Nana from Blackstone Valley Prep

This essay is about a girl who got really mad, so she led a rebellion. It is about a girl who was forced to marry someone. It is about a girl who was forced to kill, and watch people who she loved die. This essay is also about a girl who was successful and an inspiration to many. This girl is Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games.

Katniss shows us bravery a lot and also perseveres through every situation. She also has to show bravery in killing evil people from Panem's elites, who love to watch the innocent die and oppress poor under the rule of Snow who does the same while the people of the districts especially Katniss persevere through her loses. She had to go through tons for others like when she put President Snow "out of business." She also had to lead all those people to victory, which takes a lot of courage and perseverance. She also had to watch the innocent die. It's a lot like the problems in Syria.

Another reason that she is a hero is because she had the guts to start a revolution. In the book, she got the idea to get the government for forcing people to fight to the death for others to get entertainment. They had many other versions too, like killing the people she loved. She rose to the occasion for others to be free and have liberty and happiness in her country. A lot like in other dictated areas, presidents rule with cruelty, just like President Snow. But, people have the guts to stop them like Katniss did.

My last reason is that she is a role model. She shows what everybody wants to be like as a young adult. She is a good sister because she does tons for her sacrificing her life. Like when she took the chance to get her life taken to take Prim's place in the Hunger Games. Everybody wants to do that for their siblings. She is a good leader too. She fought for others and always pushed forward.

In conclusion, Katniss is my hero because she has all the characteristics such as bravery, PRIDE, compassion, and more. I wish I was more like her. Because I want to show PRIDE at home and at school and most of all the amazing heroism she carries with her everywhere.

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