Kristen Flores

by Jasmin from Mission Viejo

portrait of Kristen (Facebook)
portrait of Kristen (Facebook)

"Always keep a smile on your face" ~Kristen Flores. In the midst of her research and discovery of what she is to contribute to this world, Kristen Flores has the most spirited attitude in the world and can brighten your day in just seconds. When I first met her she acted as if she'd known me for years and acted like a best friend. She will always be there for one and will help no matter what. But, what really attracted me to her was her personality and the way she sees the world. She does not care what others think about her and she doesn't try to be someone she's not. I am a hardworking student at Capistrano Valley High School, and I am someone who hates to be late to school and I hate having low/average grades. I and she would like to persue the same career because she became a nurse and I've always wanted to become someone who helps others.

Her working at the hospital  (Facebook  (Kristen ))
Her working at the hospital (Facebook (Kristen ))

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook website, professional nursing is someone who helps out people and educates/supports patients and families about their health. They also need to be kind and respectful to their patients and understanding. To become a nurse there's three education paths; bachelor's degree in nursing, associate degree in nursing, and a diploma from an approved nursing program, and you have to have one of those three. A nurse must also be licensed. They annual salary is $67,490 and the future outlook is $76,760. Related careers to nursing are Dental Hygienists, Physician Assistants, and Social Workers. Recent developments that are happening are that employment of registered nurses is going to 16 percent from 2014 to 2024.

This is her when she was younger  (Facebook  (Kristen ))
This is her when she was younger (Facebook (Kristen ))

When my hero was a young girl, she was very interested in things that have to do with medical help. She thought it would be a great idea to help others and it suits her because she is a kind hearted person. When she got dolls she would use them as patients and take care of them. She was 19 when she went to Point Loma Nazarene University college and graduated year 2013. In year 2014 she started to become successful and got a job In UC San Diego Medical Center hospital. She is now a mom so she gets pretty busy with taking care of her child and nursing but, she gets help from her husband.

My hero helps others and contributes to society because she makes sure that people stay healthy and have a great life style. She also makes sure to tell clients to watch out for things they shouldn't be doing. She gets opportunities to help out in this world because she got a degree in nursing and she's proud to have that, so she uses it. "Always keep a smile on your face" she would always say. I agree with her saying that because no matter what happens, always get back up and enjoy life because you only get be in this world for a short amount of time and during this time we should have fun and forget our problems. But during our time there will be problems and we'll learn from it. That's another thing we do in this world. We make mistakes but that's okay because we're human and who doesn't make a mistake?

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