Koi Fresco

by Maddi from Mission Viejo

Imagine this: waking up every day knowing that you have helped others find Buddhism and educate them every day and also help them find their state of nirvana. Every day Koi Fresco's YouTube channel gets watched by thousands of people around the world. I first found out about Koi Fresco a couple months ago when I was first becoming Buddhist. I was looking for some YouTube videos about crystals and Koi had a really good one up on his channel. His career is really interesting to me because I've always wanted to educate people and helping people understand Buddhism sounds really cool. I am a high school student and I think that educating other high school students about Buddhism would be really cool. I would like to pursue that career by making YouTube videos just like him, because the messages and meanings he gives makes me want to be like him.

In this career you have to film, edit, and upload your videos to YouTube. You don't need to be an expert on film, you just need to know how to edit your videos in a cool way. The money you make depends on how many people subscribe to your channel and watch your videos. Similar careers are YouTubers for other topics. People would listen to me because I have a very interesting way of looking at life. New things that have been going on in his life are his website and more subscribes on his channel everyday. On his website he writes down basically everything that he says on his YouTube and he also sells crystals and T-shirts with his friend Hayden. According to their website, they are both very active and do a very good job at answering people's questions.

According to the famous birthdays page on Koi Fresco, Koi used to be a partier when he was younger. Also in some of his videos he mentioned that he didn't really care about his grades or whether or not he was a good kid. Once he turned 20 he realized that he needed to turn his life around and get on a better track. He realized that there was no point in him partying all the time, he realized he wanted he wanted to do something fulfilling. He decided that Buddhism was something for him because it is very practical and a very good religion (if you consider Buddhism a religion). He started researching Buddhism and realized that that was something in life he liked. He started following all of the steps and became a Buddhist. Just recently, Koi reached 50,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. Koi is still keeping up on his YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, to help spread wisdom and advice. He is a very nice and kind-hearted man, which allows people to see how good Buddhism is.

Koi helps others by educating them on Buddhism and everything that goes along with Buddhism. He helps them because he is a warm heart and he knows what he is talking about. He is trustworthy, which makes it easier for people to watch his videos. He helps people learn about things that are good to live by. He helps people become Buddhist. Koi is very helpful to many people, but isn't very popular yet. I do know that he is helpful to people becoming Buddhist because he was very helpful to me when I wasn't Buddhist yet, but thinking about it. I didn't know much about Buddhism, except that it was something that I wanted to know about. When I found his videos, I immediately knew that I wanted to become Buddhist. Some of what I know about Buddhism is from Koi. I owe me becoming Buddhist and a better person basically to the videos that Koi posted and the knowledge he gave me. I am a Zen Buddhist, and I think Koi is too.

In high school I will work a lot on finding myself and getting good grades so I can get into a good college. I want to be able to get a good start on life so I can work and travel at the same time. I will do my best in all my extra-curricular activities, and volunteer a lot to others in need. I also want to take the video production class so I can learn how to use editing programs, and how to make videos interesting. I want to go to college because I want to expand my knowledge of the world, because subjects in school interest me. In college I will work hard on my grades and myself and take a lot of video classes to up my experience with editing programs. I don't have that many goals for my life because it is good to be in the present, not the future or the past. I know that I want to be a teacher and a mother, but I don't want to make any goals other than that. I will try to be like Koi by helping them find Buddhism and themselves. I want to be in a career where I teach others and teaching people about Buddhism sounds really fun. Koi is an amazing person and I don't see why others don't want to be like him too.

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