Kandy Hyde

by Katya from Madisonville

When I think of a hero, I think of Superman or somebody in tights that are a little too tight. However, that's not necessarily what a hero has to be. A hero can be anyone around you, like a neighbor, a friend, or even a teacher. Heroes are people who do brave things and think of others first. Characteristics of a hero are bravery, courage, and integrity.

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If you asked me who my hero was you would probably hear me say the name Kandy Hyde. She's the perfect role model and many people look up to her.

Kandy is my hero because she is beautiful on the inside and out. She is also my godmother. Her family consists of her daughter Ashton, son Evan, and husband Shawn. My mom introduced them, and then they were married on my first birthday. Shawn is the governor of Roatan. My godmother, or Goddie Kandy, Evan, and Ashton moved to Miami for Ashton to undergo intense therapy for almost two years. Now Ashton is extremely productive, and she was very lucky to get the help she needed to get to the point where she is today. 

Another reason she is my role model is because she helped others every chance she got. As a nurse, she got to save people's lives all the time. One day she decided she wanted to do more. Goddie Kandy established the Little Friends' Foundation. It helps people get the help they need when they don't have the money to get it themselves. Doctors from all over volunteer to come help the children and their families. The clinics help people on the island a lot. 

In 2010, my godmother was diagnosed with stomach cancer, the same cancer that took her sister Eliza's life in 1997. She lived her life to the fullest, and she always cheered people up when they worried about her. She had the most confidence I've ever seen. In August 2011, she was taken from us. She lived 19 months even though the doctors said the longest she'd live would be six months. Her great spirits took her farther than expected. We'll never forget everything she did and all the lives she touched along the way.

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