Kayla Johnson

by Ryah

My hero is Kayla Johnson who is known by me as mom. She's 5 feet, 5 inches tall. She lives with my brother, my dad, and me in Savannah, Georgia. I've known her pretty much my whole life. She was born around Baton Rouge, Louisiana and met my dad in West Monroe, Louisiana at Louisiana Tech.

There are several reasons why my mom is my hero. One reason is that she cares for me and takes care of my brother and me. She takes care of us when we're sick and makes sure that we get good meals. For example when my grandparents visited and I wasn't feeling too great, she took the family to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Another reason is because I know that I can always tell her anything. She always listens to me and makes me feel better. For example when I had a bad day at school, she listened to me and gave me some advice for the next day. The last reason I'll tell you is that she is very kind and is a great role model. She always takes part in projects such as food drives for homeless people and is very kind to everyone. She is very patient and is a great example for my brother and me. I want to be just like her when I become an adult. Those are just some of the reasons why my mom is my hero.

My hero has some similarities and differences compared to the heroes in Greek mythology. The similarities are that she is very smart and intelligent like some of the Greek heroes such as Perseus and Odysseus. She is also very strong. Maybe not physically strong like Heracles, but spiritually is strong in everything she does. Some of the differences are that she is not violent or hurtful like the Greek heroes. She doesn't fight like the heroes did, either. She is very peaceful with her actions and does not hurt anyone on purpose. Those are some similarities and differences that my hero has compared to the Greek heroes. My mom is my hero and is definitely the best hero out there.

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