Vladimir Karatkevich

by Mr. Sveklo Konstantin
from Smorgon, Belarus

Vladimir Karatkevich is a well-known Belarussian writer.I know him as the author of historical novels, plays and also short stories.

He was born in 1930 in Orsha.He studied at Kiev University and took a literary course in Moscow. Karatkevich was also a poet. He published his first poem in 1955.But his main interest was the history of Belarus. Among Karatkevich's best works about the past of Belarus were the novel Old Legend, the novel Alshansky Black Castle and also his novel about Kastus Kalinovsky and the uprising of 1863.The writer often described historic events in the form of detective stories.

I can see it in his novels King Stakh's Wild Hunting, Impossible to Forget and some others. V. Karatkevich's book” The Land Beneath White Wings” is about the history and culture of Belarus from old times to nowadays. Every line of this novel speaks of the author's love for his motherland, its people and its beautiful nature.

In his books Karatkevich used lines from the poems of other poets to describe the beauty of Belarus. He wrote many short stories which are full of poetry, beauty and love of nature. Plays by Vladimir Karatkevich are staged at the theatres of Minsk, Vitebsk and other cities and towns of Belarus.

There are several films made on his novels. I may think that the best of them is King Stakh's Wild Hunting. It was shown at many film festivals.

Vladimir Karatkevich was the winner of the Ivan Melezh and Y.Kolas literary prizes in Belarus. His books are translated into many languages.

He died in 1984 at the age of 54.His books are popular today not only in Belarus but in the former USSR as well, because they are romantic, full of beauty and justice and very interesting to read.

I respect his novels , books because he spread ideas of peace, kindness and justice. Very few people abroad know about our country and about our famous people , poets, writers. So I wanted to share with my peers around the world that as every nation has their own heroes we have too and would like to follow democracy values, ideas of peace and tolerance, respect others and live in peace and dignity. We gained independence just 15 years ago only , all previous generations were living under rules of Lithuania, Poland, Russia , former USSR .We are opening world now and would like to know more about other countries, cultures, heroes, ways of life.

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