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Clark Kent

by Samantha from Deer Lodge

Clark hanging out with friends (
Clark hanging out with friends (

Clark Kent has black hair and blue eyes; he is 6'2" tall. Clark was sent down from the planet Krypton so that he wouldn't be in danger from the people who were destroying his planet. His adopted mother and father are Martha and Jonathon Kent. Clark grew up on a farm on the outskirts of Smallville, but when Clark was old enough to go to elementary school, the family sold the farm and moved into town.

Clark attended high school at Metropolis High and was known as the quietest boy there. He worked after school at his father's general store. After high school Clark knew what he wanted to go into, journalism. So he went to college and was taught the courses of biology, astronomy, art, music, and other subjects. After graduation he returned to Smallville. While he was there, both of his parents passed away from heart attacks.

Afterwards, Clark went to Metropolis to fulfill his writing career. He was hired at The Daily Planet as a reporter; he was more involved with saving people's lives then actually writing about it. In 1945 Clark said, "Just remember, a good reporter gets the news - and gets it first!" Clark has worked as a private detective, a fireman, and a policeman: he has joined the Marines; and he has become a skid row bum. He has done many good things to help save the world, but no one knew until Clark said in his own words, "My meek behavior is the perfect disguise for my real identity as Superman!"

Clark's best and closest friends are Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and Perry White. Clark is best known as Superman's best friend, he is the first one on the scene and the last one to leave.

Clark is a hero to me because I have seen the way he has treated people and has taught them self-respect, and I think that anyone can have powers. Most people don't believe in the super-natural, but I do and that's what makes him my hero.

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Extra Info

I wanted to do Clark Kent because I am so in love with Smallville and I wanted to let people know who my hero was.