My Mom, Kerry

by Kylie from Albuquerque

My mom likes Pink Butterflies (Google)
My mom likes Pink Butterflies (Google)

A HERO to me is somebody who is skillful, noble, brave, determined, honest, trustworthy, nice, respectful, an idol, and a champion. A HERO is someone who is not afraid to do things other people wouldn’t. The HERO I choose is my mom. The reason why I choose my mom is because she is very brave. She works at UNM Hospital and saves people's lives. She puts other people’s lives before her own. She has a big heart.

My mom was born in Baltimore, Maryland. My mom is known for working at UNM Hospital as a paramedic. She has another job working at the airport as a dispatcher.

I admire her because she is very giving and loving. She has achieved many goals including getting her degree, getting her Paramedic License, and getting her Flight Communication Certificate. Some facts about my mom are she works at UNM Hospital, she has three girls, and she likes silly/scary movies.

I choose my mom as my HERO because she does a lot of important things. She is always there for me. She puts other people first before herself. I think that is great. She always tells the truth and is very brave. That is why I choose her as My HERO.

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