Alicia Keys

by Thais from Woodland Hills

Alicia Augello Cooks, also known as Alicia Keys brought the old school to a whole new level. Her style in music changed my perspective of our generations’ ideal musical talents. She also raised the bar to young adults and for those who are in the music business with overrated confidence.

Alicia is a multi-talented twenty-two-year-old who not only sings but also plays and produces her own music. She began piano classes at the age of seven. Her mother told her that she could quit on just about anything but she couldn’t quit her piano lessons.

Her perseverance and her mother’s push was the difference. The contrast in Alicia is that she makes sure that her personality is unique as well as music and she has no shame to show it. She won’t sell out to get more publicity, she stands for her music and her passion, and she won’t settle for anything less than her originality and perfection.

Alicia her also surpassed many expectations that we have for our musicians now. At the age of sixteen she graduated high school as her class’ valedictorian. After that success just followed her and what seemed to be unreal became true. Her first single “fallin” was a huge hit and got her a few awards to decorate some of her shells. Her first album was a tremendous success. The amazing thing is that all the songs in the CD were written and produced by her.

The reason why I look up to Alicia Keys is because she is everything I want to be and though it’s almost impossible to get to her level, I still see her as inspiration because she conform won't to sell-out ideas, she’ll do her music and inspire others just like me.

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