Kiki Vo

by Rebecca Miller

 Kiki Vo (
Kiki Vo (

U.C. Berkeley student, Kiki Vo started her young life under tragic circumstances. When she was nine years old, her family home in Vietnam caught fire. Her mother died in the fire and Kiki and two of her sisters were badly burned. Fortunately, her father was able to save them. Because the medical care needed was too expensive in Vietnam, a nonprofit organization brought the family to the United States where they received treatment for their burns at a Shriner's Hospital in Boston. Later, they moved to northern California where the girls received more than 60 surgeries at the Shriners Hospital there.

Kiki and her family (
Kiki and her family (

Chu Vo worked hard to care for his daughters and to make sure that they would be able to focus on their education. He is a true hero to his daughters.

During her younger years, Kiki suffered from the cruel taunts of her fellow classmates which could not help but affect her self esteem. Attending Burn Camp opened Kiki's eyes to the idea that she could make a change and be who she wanted to be.

Kiki says that, "After years of suffering I came to see the deeper meaning of fire. Now, looking back, I look at fire as a rebirth."

Kiki (
Kiki (

Kiki was thrilled to be accepted to the University of California. She has come a long way and has suffered more than just her burns and the loss of her mother and then her father, who died of cancer in November of 2011. The bullying and self-doubt that she had experienced in her school years had kept her from reaching her full potential.    

However she has overcome even this. Kiki has found it in her heart to forgive.

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