Dr. Denis King

by Victor from Dublin

Dr. Denis King
Dr. Denis King

I think heroes should have different character traits than normal people do. I think they should have a lot of perseverance. Heroes should also stay calm at all times. If they didn’t stay calm, I don’t see how they could achieve great things. Heroes should also inspire people. You don’t have to do great things to be a hero. You can just be a good person and inspire someone. That makes you a hero. I think heroes should also be brave. Sometimes you have to take risks to do the right thing. Last of all, heroes have to be willing to do something. If they didn’t even try to do something, they wouldn’t do anything good. Heroes are great to have in your life.

Dr. King was a hard worker. He saved my life when I was three. Dr. King works at Children’s Hospital. He specializes in General Pediatric Surgery. General Pediatric Surgery provides surgical care to infants, children and adolescents with serious diseases such as tumors. Dr. King also used to be the president of the medical staff at Children’s Hospital.

When Dr. King saved my life, he never gave up on me. Many of the doctors and nurses didn’t think I would make it. He just kept trying until I was all better. I appreciate that. Dr. King must have inspired many nurses and doctors when he kept working on me and trying to help me get better.

Dr. King also didn’t worry a lot. When I was in the hospital, he knew something was terribly wrong, but he stayed calm even when I was thrashing and crying while being forced to drink the medicine. He also didn’t worry when I got chemotherapy. I am happy he didn’t worry about that even though it got rid of all of my hair.

When the doctors finally figured out that I had heptoblastoma (a liver disease), I needed to have surgery. Dr. King then cut open my stomach to see my liver. It took a lot of courage to do that because I would lose tons of blood. But he took that risk and did it. Dr. King also wasn’t on call that night when I was rushed to Children’s Hospital, but he came to help me. He didn’t have to. If another doctor was to operate on me, I might have died. I am so grateful that Dr. King was willing to operate on me even though he didn’t have to.

Dr. King is a very kind and gentle man. I got to “officially” meet him in February 2006. He still is a hardworking man. He told me a few things about my operation, and I didn’t realize how much work he did to save my life. I am so grateful for Dr. King saving my life. Without him I might not be here.

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