Teachers Heroes

Carolyn Kline

by Jen Myers

As we go through life, it is but a rare occasion for us to find a person to look up to, admire and be inspired by; however, it would give me great pleasure and honor to tell you about a very special person who has given the best gift one could ever hope to receive, the gift of “life.”

My name is Jennifer Myers, I’m now a Junior in High School and I would like to introduce someone that will astonish you, an amazing teacher who has changed my life forever. Mrs. Carolyn Kline is the most amazing person I have ever met in my entire life because of her motivation, devotion and her love of teaching.

Mrs. Kline is a history teacher whom I had the honor of having for Academic American Studies last year in 10th grade; however, now, she is not only my teacher but she is my friend. Last year in Mrs. Klines’ class, when she was still Ms. Rusnak, she had a way of grasping her students attention and getting them involved in what she was teaching. It was something I’d never seen done before, but she did it, it still amazes me up until this day.

Mrs. Kline sets a truly great example for her students because of the time and effort she puts into her class lessons. Everyday, Mrs. Kline has exactly what she wants to accomplish for that day ready and spends many hours preparing for her classes. I know this for a fact because I am involved in many school activities and find myself there until five or six in the evening on many nights. When I am leaving, Mrs. Kline is still there preparing her lesson for tomorrow, correcting tests, grading projects or posting her students class grades, something she always has done for her class to give her students the next day. I often stop in on my way out because it’s great to talk to her and watch because I know the time she puts into her lessons. When she teaches, Mrs. Kline doesn’t just tell you the facts and give you the information, she goes further. She involves her students in her lesson, she likes the Socratic method and uses it for many of her lessons. It is invigorating to watch her teach a class and be a part of her teaching. Many teachers “teach” their classes because it is their job but Mrs. Kline teaches because it is her life. When Mrs. Kline presents her lesson, she does it in such a way that makes her students want to learn it and understand it. She puts so much emotion and excitement in it that make the whole room light up. It’s rather hard to explain because until you have had a chance to experience it, it’s hard to even imagine.

Mrs. Kline is a remarkable teacher who is dedicated to each one of her students and there educational needs. She realizes that each student learns at a different pace and takes in material at different speeds. Mrs. Kline makes herself available to her students before, after and during school. Anytime, for any reason, she is always there and makes sure her students know that. From personal experience, I know that when I came in after school for extra help, it was only me that day, but she stayed until I understood, which was almost 5:00pm that evening. You see, it wouldn’t have mattered if it was just one person or thirty, she would have taught the class over so that we would have all understood it. She does this often and always has a smile on her face, I think it’s because it gives her such joy knowing that she is making an important difference by helping her students to be the best that they can.

Mrs. Kline and I share a very special quote, one that I will carry with me forever. She once told me "Carpe Diem,” What was this? I said. She told me it meant “Seize the Day.” “That’s the way you’ve got to live your life,”

Ithink that’s the way she teaches her subject and does an exceptional job doing something she loves. You see, teaching is her passion and History is her subject, now when you put them together they create a excellent environment to learn in. I remember last year when she was my teacher, I couldn’t wait to get to her class 6th period, it was what I looked forward to everyday. Mrs. Kline has inspired me many times but probably the greatest was when she inspired me to be a teacher. The way that she taught was unbelievable and there’s not enough words to describe it. She didn’t know it but because of her, I also found that teaching was what I wanted to do. I want to give my students what she gave to so many of hers, inspiration, motivation, encouragement and the best education possible. For me, Mrs. Kline not only taught me a history lesson everyday last year, but she also taught me life lessons that will stay with me forever. She is my role model and I look up to very much for the energy that she brought into her classroom, not to mention what she brought to American Studies.

However, beyond everything that she does as a teacher, it's also what she does as a person. She supports me in everything I do, whether it be school, competition or whatever, I know she is always there. She is definietly my role-model and I look up to her very much, as a teacher and as a person!! I Look up to her, respect her and consider it an honor to even know her!

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