Bruce Knost

by Marissa from Dublin

I think a hero should be persevering, helpful and responsible. A hero should be intelligent and caring. That is why my hero is Mr. Knost. Mr. Knost was my fourth grade teacher. I had him last year and still stop by sometimes to say hi because he works at Bailey Elementary and is just down the hall from my classes.

Another good quality that a hero should have is to be helpful. Mr. Knost always helped us understand things by giving us a way to remember how to do it whether it was in math or science or history. Mr. Knost taught me how to write in a way I never thought about before.

Also, a hero should be responsible. Mr. Knost was responsible by always putting everything back where it went when he was done using it. He never lost anything, and he always was on time.

A hero should always be intelligent. Mr. Knost taught us a lot about whales and marine biology. He had college degrees for teaching, and went through grad school to teach kids like me how to write or read. Don’t you think he’s smart?

Another helpful trait for a hero is to be caring. Mr. Knost does nice deeds like picking up things you dropped or helping you figure out things without being asked. Also, when you’re hurt or injured, he helps you even if he doesn't know you. Mr. Knost will give you a chance to try something that you don’t know how to do or have never done before. I believe that Mr. Knost carries all of these qualities and always has. Mr. Knost is persevering, helpful, responsible, intelligent, and caring. Also, if it wasn’t for Mr. Knost, I wouldn’t have been able to write about a hero, because he taught me how. Mr. Knost is, indeed, my hero.

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