Health Heroes

Dr. Miro Kosin

by Ajda from Ljubljana

In fairy tales hero is someone who saved someone’s live, a prince on a white horse, someone’s true love or something like that. I had been thinking about my hero for a long, long time before I decided. Usually hero save you from scars but my hero gave me one and that’s the reason why he is my hero, because of that scar I can live. That man actually saved my life. I believe that you haven’t got any idea what I’m talking about. My hero didn’t hurt me and in any case he isn’t a criminal. He is a surgeon and his name is Dr. Miro Kosin. It’s a long story about how he became my hero and I’m gonna tell it to you.

When I was four years old the doctors found out that there was something wrong with my heart. After many days, weeks, even months of searches they have found a hole between the ventricles. Dr. Kosin operated me. The operation lasted for six hours and it was very dangerous and risky. There was just about a fifty percent chance to survive. I didn’t know how risky that kind of operation can be but I know that I wouldn’t be scared if I had to go through everything again. The most important thing is that you trust the doctor because he was going to school for a long time before he could operate on you and if he wouldn’t be able to operate you perfectly he just wouldn’t be there. Maybe some people think that’s a bit early if I think about life and death even if I’m still so young, but I always say that if there wouldn’t be Dr. Kosin and his collaborators maybe I wouldn’t have a chance to think about it. Until now, I was mostly talking about me so I would like to say more about my hero. He is so professional in his work that I don’t know much about his private life. I don’t even know if he’s married, if he has children, I don’t even know how old is he. When I was operated he was probably about forty-five years old so now, eleven years later, he should be about fifty-five or close to sixty. He has been working on kardio surgery department in Klinicni center in Ljubljana. Now I have other doctors so I haven’t see him for a very long time. I think that the last time I saw him on medical examination was about a year after the operation. I don’t even remember how he looks but still he is very important for me.

I’m thinking about other people that could be my heroes. Even if I didn't write a story about them I can at least mention them. At first I would like to mention my parents who supported me and they are still doing it even if I’m many times very difficult. Then they are all my friends who are supporting me too but in other ways. And at the end I would like to mention another big man in my life, another doctor. About six years after my operation that man found out that my heart is not beating fast enough. After searches he operated me and he put a pacemaker in my body. This man was Dr. Marjan Brecelj. Because of Dr. Kosin I can live but because of Dr. Brecelj I can live normally. So they can both be my heroes, don’t you think?

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