Kristie Porta

by Nathaniel from Altoona

My hero is Kristie Porta; I call her Kris for short. There are many reasons why I could give her the name, “My Hero.” For instance, a hero is someone who helps and does not hurt, or somebody who risks her reputation or her life to help others.

Kris has been through a lot for my mom. Kris took care of my mom when she had me as a 17 year old. Kris also had her own kids to take care of all the time.

Kris also had a heart attack over Labor Day weekend of 2003. Since then she cannot do a lot like walk for a long time or get hyper. She has to be as calm as possible. It made me sad when she was in the hospital. She cared about me instead of the surgery that was going to happen.

Kris does a lot for me. She takes me camping in her camper, and she also takes me different places in her truck like East Broad Top Railroad. Her truck gives a nice ride!

Kris always had a job; she once worked at Boyer`s Candy in Altoona, and now she works at NPC. She has never been fired but has been laid off.

I have grown up with Kris since I was 6 months old. I have had a lot of fun times. I also have had tons of sad times. Kris was there to cheer me up whenever I had something to cry about. That is what a pure HERO is and not someone out of a comic book. Although she is not my babysitter, gram or guardian, she is my hero!

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