Anthony D. Leanna

by Darlene

"The hats that you sent to me me not only brightened my day, they brightened my life."
Anthony Leanna (From Parent)
Anthony Leanna (From Parent)

Anthony Leanna four years ago at the very young age of 10 started his own community service project called the "Heavenly Hats Foundation." Heavenly Hats donates brand-new hats to cancer patients and other medical patients who lose their hair due to cancer or any other medical condition.

Anthony decided to start "Heavenly Hats" after he spent a lot of time in hospitals when his grandmother had breast cancer. He saw so many of the patients that did not have any hair and wanted to do something to help. "I wanted to provide comfort, warmth and kindness to people who were going through a very tough time in their life," said Anthony.

As of today's date Anthony and his "Heavenly Hats" program have donated over 50,000 brand new hats (almost $1,000,000 worth of head wear) to more than 150 hospitals and clinics and thousands more have been sent to individuals in need.

Anthony requests and receives donations of hats from individuals, businesses and he organizes hat drives around the country by school groups and other youth groups and organizations. Each hat is inspected, as they have to be brand new due to the already lowered immune systems of the recipients. He then bags the hats all individually and then boxes and ships them out to either the hospital, clinic or individuals. It is the goal of Heavenly Hats to help as many people in need as they possibly can.

For more information regarding the "Heavenly Hats Foundation" please visit his website at:

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Extra Info

Anthony has been featured on the CNN Lou Dobbs Show, for America's Bright Future. He has been featured in 3 books, "Consideration" by Capestone Press, "Volunteering: The Ultimate Teen Guide" by Kathryn Gay and "Stronger Than Cancer" by Connie Payton.

Anthony has also received the National Caring Award, Jefferson Award, Gloria Barron Award for Young Heroes, Angel Soft Angels in Action Award, Daily Points of Light Award, Lands' End Born Hero Award, and several others.