Langston Hughes

by Jonathan from Fresno

Langston Hughes is one of the most profound poets ever. Langston was born in Joplin, Missouri. During his time there was racism and a lot of discrimination. For a long time Langston lived with his Grandmother, Mary Sampson, who lived in Lawrence, Kansas. When Langston turned thirteen, he and his grandmother moved to Lincoln, Illinois then to Cleveland, Ohio where he went to high school and began writing his poetry.

Unfortunately when his grandmother died, Langston's mother sent him to Lincoln, Illinois. Then some years later Langston's mother and step-father moved to Chicago, Illinois but Langston stayed behind to finish high school. While in high school he joined a high school magazine where he wrote and first made his to work viewable to the public. Langston's father lived in Mexico and wanted Langston to live with him there but Langston and his father didn't get along. To better their relationship, Langston's father offered Langston an opportunity to go to college at Columbia University which was in New York.

When Langston's writing started he was in Harlem. His first series was "The Big Sea" which was a part of at the time of the Harlem Renaissance. Many of his books were very critically acclaimed such as his first publishing "The Crisis", The Weary Blues, Fine Clothes To The Jew, The Negro Mother And Other Dramatic Recitations, these of which of his famous poems. Langston did have many political views and many expressed through his writing.

The Day on 22 of May of 1967 Langston Hughes died of Prostate Cancer. Langston had died at the age of 65. Many of his writings still have many modern themes. Other great poets have been inspired by Langston's Writings. Langston's spirit is in many poets and has shown that James Mercer Langston Hughes was the only one of his kind.

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