Ly Thuong Kiet

by Tuyen from Portland

Wrote the first Vietnamese declaration of independence

Every country has heroes, including my country Vietnam. I have learned about my history in Vietnam. I studied Ly Thuong Kiet who had an historical victory.

Ly Thuong Kiet (1019-1105) was born into the Ngo family in Thang Long, the capital of Dai Viet (the old name of Vietnam). His real name was Ngo Tuan. His father was a low ranking general in Thang Long (name of state in Vietnam). Ly Thuong Kiet served the Emperor as a captain in cavalry in 1036 with bravery, intelligence and loyalty. He was given a royal name, Ly Thuong Kiet.

In 1075, Wang Anshi, the Chinese prime minister, told the Sung emperor (king of China) that Dai Viet was being destroyed by Champa (name of place in Vietnam), with less than ten thousand soldiers surviving, it would be a good occasion to invade Dai Viet. The Sung emperor mobilized troops, passed a law to forbid all provinces to trade with Dai Viet. Upon hearing the news, the Ly ruler of Dai Viet sent Ly Thuong Kiet and Ton Dan with 100,000 troops to China. A group of 60,000 was commanded by Ton Dan to beat the Vinh Binh, Thai Binh, Hoang Son, Tay Chau, Loc Chau camps (names of states in Vietnam but they were controlled by Sung army a long time ago). Ly Thuong Kiet controlled 40,000 navies to pass through Vinh An (Quang Ninh) and walked to Kham, Liem barracks (controlled by Sung army). December 30, 1075, Ly’s armies went to Kham Chau barrack and caught all the enemies without fighting. January 2, 1076, Liem Chau was captured by Ly Thuong Kiet. He sent the troops in Kham, Liem Chau, to go 120 miles North, but they had to pass through the Thap Van mountain, defeat Bach Chau (which was controlled by Sung army), and block the relief troops of Sung from East. January 18, 1076, two groups would combine to cover Ung Chau (this place was controlled by Sung’ army).

Ly’s army had to fight for more than 40 days,. They used missiles to kill so many people and also Sung’s army used bows and arrows for revenge. On the forty-fourth day, Ly’s soldier defeated Ung Chau. To Giam killed himself because he didn’t want be captive.

People of Ung Chau didn’t endure the loss, so the army of Ly killed 58,000 people. March 1076, Sung commanded Quach Quy, Trieu Tiet with 9 generals and 100,000 warriors go to Dai Viet. Ly Thuong Kiet brought the army, made the fortress on Nhu Nguyet River to block Sung’s Army. Ly blocked Vinh Binh’s camp to Nam Dinh River. Also Ly directed warriors to make taller walls of fort. At the same time, Sung’s navy was commanded by Hoa Man and Duong Tung Tieu to invade Dai Viet. Ly Thuong Kiet made psychological warfare to support troops with the poem “Nam Quoc Son Ha”. Sung’s troops couldn’t move back, and didn’t take reinforced troops. The army of Trieu Tiet was destroyed. Sung’s army lost one-half of its men.

The result of this war was the peace with each other. Because of his merit, Ly Thuong Kiet was conferred “Quoc Tinh” and wore last name of Emperor. After that he had another award “Thai Uy”. June 1105, Ly Thuong Kiet died, he lived to be eighty-seven. With this victory, he deserved to be the hero of Vietnam.

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