Leslie Malanga

by Alana from Saddle River

My hero is my mom because she had a hard life. Although she had a hard life she told me she had many good adventures. My mom is kind, caring, loving, thoughtful helpful, hardworking woman, and honest. She puts us before herself. My mom is very independent.

One of the most important things that makes my mom my hero is that she never gives up when new challenges approach. My mom has been faced with challenges all throughout her life and she worked hard to get through them. My mom is an interpreter at the U.N [United Nations] in New York City. As an interpreter she has to translate very important messages about things like pollution and current events. My mom helps world leaders understand each other. In order to become an interpreter she had to leave family, friends, school, and everything she was familiar with to go study in other countries. After studying so much she had to take a very difficult test. She told me she was nervous but she still worked very hard and that she could do it. She was so happy when she passed the test. I feel very happy my mom told me this because I will work harder in all subjects including math.

Another important thing that makes my mom a hero is that she tries to keep her kids, family, and other people safe. She always keeps a close eye on us when we're outside, especially when we're in the pool. We know that if we have a bad dream or are sick in the middle of the night, we can always wake her up and she will help us. She worries when we go on school trips! That shows you how she keeps us safe. I’m hoping to do the same someday.

The last important reason that makes my mom a hero is that she is a positive role model. My mom sponsors a child in India named Kaviya. Now Kaviya can go to school, have food, books and clothes. My mom also writes to her often and sends her pictures of us. Sometimes Kaviya writes back too. At church we have a Christmas Eve dinner for the homeless and a barbecue on Labor Day. My mom is also a deacon in our church which means volunteering a lot of time.

My mom puts her family first. Here is an example to show you. Sometimes the UN has missions to interesting places. They ask my mom to go but she doesn't want to leave her family. Whenever we're sick, my mom also takes us to the doctor as soon as possible. And these are four reasons why my mom is my hero.

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